Aloo Jeera is a good snack for every age

NANDAN is a veg restaurant near Gorabazar. We has been providing you this taste for 26 years. We has started on 5 October in 1994 ( on Mahalaya). This is a ever veg restaurant from beginning. We started our business with South Indian food like dhosa. And now we are getting it big. All credit goes to you, our beloved customer. Your love and bless makes us successful. So as a return we serve to you Aloo Jeera. Aloo Jeera is our one of the best dish.

Aloo Jeera is a typical vegetarian Indian dish which is often served as a side dish and normally goes well with hot puris, chapatti, roti or dal. Its main ingredients are potatoes (aloo), cumin seeds (jeera) and Indian spices. Other ingredients are red chili powder, ginger, coriander powder, curry leaves, vegetable oil and salt. In its traditional form the dish is not hot, but it could be spiced up by adding powdered cayenne pepper. Other variations of the dish make use of sweet potatoes instead of regular ones.

This seems a quiet simple dish but it is very tasty. You can use it as a snacks or you can use as in dinner with your ruti tadka paratas or with drinks. We suggest it to use every possible way. It is good for health and everyone can consume it very easily. It is also very easily digestible for all. To get this amazing dish ” Aloo Jeera” you can step up to our restaurant ” Nandan Restaurant ” or visit us with Google to our website or download ” Nandan Restaurant” app from Google Play Store.

After taste our dish ” Aloo Jeera”, please review it and comment your opinion. We need your review for any improvement. Thank you to our all customer.

This is our address for our beloved and respected customer :- 88, Rutimohal Road GoraBazar, Berhampore, Murshidabad

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