New impression of NANDAN

With a cup of warmth, we present to you again the grand opening of our ‘ Nandan Bakery and Coffee section ‘.

We are truly grateful to you for the way you have brought us closer to us since the establishment of Nandan Restaurant ‘. So this is our new effort, new initiative to make our moment more beautiful. Nandan Bakery is going to be inaugurated on 2nd April 2021 at Mohan Mall, 22, Suryasen Road, Gorabazar.

Premium Segment

We bring you this new addition –
All Confectionery products
Cold coffee
Normal coffee
Another variety of coffee

There are also many more terms we put in this addition. And soon some more terms are going to be added. Also, if you want, you can come and enjoy this addition in the soothing atmosphere of our restaurant.

Nandan has always been and will always be by your side. And we want you to love us as before. So come forward and enjoy the ‘Grand Opening of Nandan Bakery’.

Thanks …

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