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Paneer pulao


Paneer Pulao is an absolute lip-smacking main course meal that is made by roasting large paneer cubes in ghee and then cooking them with rice.


Among the variety of dishes that can be made with rice, paneer pulao is the easiest rice recipe you can even try your hands on. It is a one-pot meal which is healthy, delicious, and easy to make.


The roasted paneer cubes coated with fluffy rice and flavored with a lot of aromatic spices are a heavenly combination to indulge ourselves in.

Paneer cubes roasted nicely in pure desi ghee not only adds to the nutritive value of the pulao but also enhances the overall look of the dish.


Adding some finely chopped vegetables of your choice makes the pulao a lot more delicious and healthier.


Make this delectable dish in your next get together party or for your office or for your kid’s lunch box and see how your loved ones would not stop thanking you enough for tantalizing their taste buds.


Welcome to Nandan

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NANDAN is a veg restaurant near Gorabazar. We has been providing you this taste for 26 years. We has started on 5 October in 1994 ( on Mahalaya). This is a ever veg restaurant from beginning. We started our business with South Indian food like dhosa. And now we are getting it big. All credit goes to you, our beloved customer. Your love and bless makes us successful.



NANDAN is the oldest and reputed restaurant near Gorabazar. We not only represents Indian parampara but also we have Italian corner, Swiss cake corner, Best foreign mocktail section.

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NANDAN is a wll known restaurant to all of you. As a businessman, our customers’ love is the best award for us. In 2007, NANDAN won BEST RESTAURANT AWARD.


NANDAN always stayed with you, and we promise to stay always with you.


Thank you.



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