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Welcome to NANDAN to grab our best HOT BEVERAGES Menu like Italian Coffee & Mocktails.
hurry up, come here to grab best vegetarian Italian Coffee & Mocktails famous NANDAN RESTAURANT foods.

So always Visit NANDAN.
NANDAN presented their MOCKTAIL’S and HOT BEVERAGES(Italian Coffee).
We have a huge collection of various drinks for desart or refreshments.
Some special items belongs to our HOT BEVERAGES (Italian Coffee) section

  1. Hot Coffee With Milk
    a. Cappuccino (Its a Strong, Warm Coffee and Come With Lots of Milk foam.)
    b. Cafe Latte (Its a Mild, Hot Coffee.)
    c. Cafe Mocha (Its A Chocolate Flavour Hot Coffee, With Touch Of Cocoa.)
    d. Ginger Cappuccino (Coffee With Ginger Flavour.)
    a. Espresso( It’s a Pure Raw Coffee)
    b. Black Coffee (Coffee Diluted With Hot Water.)
    c. Irish Coffee (Black Coffee With Irish Flavour and on the Top Come’s with Creams)

a. English Breakfast Tea.

  1. Favourite Sips
    a.Hot Chocolate (Allway’s Your Tongue’s lover.)
    b.Hot Chocolate with Truffle (if You Love Chocolate so be careful you can fall in love it.)
  • Lemon ice Tea
  • Green apple Mojito
  • Green apple Soda
  • Pineapple Shake
  • Mango Shake
  • Fresh Lime Soda
  • Blue Lagoon
  • Virgin Mojito
  • Masala Cold Drinks
  • Masala Cold Drinks

and mocktail section are Virgin mojito,
Blue Lagoon, lemon iced tea, green apple soda.
Many kinds of fruit shake and also lassi * so come here and grab it.

Now we includes some various types of coffee product.
We are added to cold coffee, coconut added.

To get more,

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